Friday, May 24, 2013

Hidden Webline

See help for more information. If you want to add this application to your website, place this code anywhere in your website :
<embed height="600" src="" width="600"></embed>

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Facebook Emoticon

  The image beside is an original Facebook Emoticon that can you input now but there are another emoticon that people didn't know it like disc, tree, orange, and other emoticon and I didn't know the code. The newest emoticon that people know is :poop: (something swirly like a $#!+), you can check all the emoticon beside. Now, :42: can be used anymore and I don't know why, maybe because :42: is delete from the image beside. You must know that the image beside is from Facebook website and inside it system so It's a real emoticon from Facebook Chat. You may try 1 by 1 the code with a character that may be a code of one emoticon beside (like >:( , :|] , :tree: , or else) or share this to your friends to let they know and test it. I hope you can find the code for all the emoticon :v.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Understand Skill

 Skill is the most important thing to get a job, so if you don't have skill, you can't get any job. Many people didn't care about their skill when they wanna get a job, they just care with the job salary and when they work, they may get stuck many times because they skill didn't meet the work requirement and they may get fired because of the skill. To avoid this, we need to understand Skill.
 Skill itself means mastery, mastery of something. The higher level of skill you reach, more thing you can do that relate to the skill. Higher skill can be reached if you have a lot of experience relate to the skill, like Math Skill, you can get the experience by answering any question about math, The harder question about math that you answer, the more experience you can get if you answer it correct, when you get a lot of experience from answer the question, you will have a chance to answer the difficult question.
 In this topic, I will tell you the easiest way to understand Skill. Let's imagine if skill has 100 level, each level mean the mastery percentage so if you reach level 100 it's mean your mastery is 100%. The higher level you reach, the more experience point you need to level up the skill. The Experience Points can collected by using your body like see, touch, hear, taste, smell, and thinking. You can know what skill of your life that have a higher level than another skill by remember the past about anything relate to the skill, if you have a lot of  experience that related to the skill when you remember the past, you may test it now to test how far your skill now.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Download Flash Game Safely

 Flash Game is the most popular game platform in browser. There are a lot of flash game that has been made by people and collected by some website like "". But all the game just can played online. Because many people love flash game but hate play online, I will teach everyone to download the flash game. Follow the step below to know how to download flash game (This step just for Mozilla Firefox).
1. Make sure you have Internet Download Manager installed.
2. Open the URL that let you play flash game, example :
3. Click the website icon (Before the link address and after the back one page button)
4. Click "More Information" button.
5. Click Media Tab
6. Find and click "Type" text until you see "embed" or "object" text below it.
7. Read the address with type "embed" or "object", if the address text match with the flash game you open before, right click that address and then choose "Copy".
8. Open Internet Download Manager and click "Add File" button (Near "Categories" Bar, "Resume" Button, and below "Tasks" Button)
9. Copy the address to the white bar (Click the white bar and click a combination keyboard button "Ctrl+V" to copy the address) and click OK.
10. Click "Start Download" button and wait when the flash game downloaded.
11. If the download has been finish, Click "Open" and play it without internet.
Didn't understand with the step or having problem? Just comment.

Success In Internet | Google Keyword Tool (#2)

 This is the third post of Success In Internet (See another Success In Internet post here) and you may use Google Translate (It's not 100% accurate from the real meaning).
 Sometimes, we think our blog or website have a little visitor each day and you don't know how to increase the visitor rapidly because you don't know what thing that make visitor visit your website. In that case, Google will help you know what keyword that make visitor visit your blog with Google Keyword Tool. Google Keyword Tool is a Tool from Google that let you know how many people search a keyword that you type in Google Keyword Tool and it will be useful to let you know how many people search a keyword that make your blog or website at the first place in Google. If you want to use Google Keyword Tool to let you know how many people visit your blog by a keyword, follow the step below :
1. Search any keyword in Google until you find your blog or website at the first place. If no keyword that make your blog or website at the first place when you search the keyword, Create another thing inside your blog that owned by you like Title, Post from your mind, Game or Application, etc (I prefer to search Game upload by me).
2. Open Google Keyword Tool and make sure you have been logged in Google Account.
3. Type a keyword that make your blog or website at the first place in Google Keyword Tool.
4. See the result about how many people search the keyword that you type monthly.
5. If the result more than 100, you are lucky and Increase that keyword in your blog to increase people who search the keyword in Google. If the result less than 100, you may test another keyword and if you didn't find another keyword, just increase the result of the keyword before.
 Google Keyword Tool  also let you know the result of another keyword like "Facebook", "Gangnam Style", etc. Now increase the keyword visitor that make your blog or website at the first place in Google to make you success faster.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Success In Internet | Facebook (#1)

 This is the second post of Success In Internet (See another Success In Internet post here) and you may use Google Translate (It's not 100% accurate from the real meaning)
Who don't know Facebook? Everyone who know Internet was absolutely know Facebook. Facebook, the best Social Network in 2012, place in the 2nd ranking in Internet that connect all the user to find and chat with his/her friend easily. Because Facebook ranked on the 2nd best website, many people use Facebook for they own bussiness. In this topic, I will make you to reach high popularity in Facebook. First, make sure your name on Facebook same with your Blog and other website name (Different name in every website will not give you high Popularity). Then, Show your facebook name and link in your blog (To make your name can be clicked, use this script - <a href="">Your Name</a> - change with your Facebook timeline link by copy the link that will make you go to your timeline page and change Your Name with your Name on Facebook, i.e.:<a href="">Bruce Wilson</a>
 Now, let improve your Facebook popularity. Add all your friend and recommend friend at least 100 friend to increase your popularity. Now make a Fans Page for your website here. Choose the section for your Blog Fans Page. Upload an avatar for your Fans Page. Fill out your blog information and your blog URL. Now manage your blog fans page and Insert all the post in your blog and limit the post text at least 15 or more word and Insert the URL for the post, i.e.:
Facebook is the largest social network and placed in the 2nd ranking in Internet. Read more :

(Get the link opening the post and copy the URL in the URL bar).
After Inserting all your blog post to Fans Page, Invite all of your friend to like your fans page and Insert your Fans Page URL to your blog and wait for another like from people and traffic. Your blog now have 2x chance for having another traffic to Increase your popularity.

Mesh Topology

Mesh topology is a form of relationship between devices where each device is connected directly to another device that making each device can communicate directly with the target device (Dedicated Links). The number of connections between devices on the network topology Mesh can be calculated as n (n-1) / 2. Since each device can be connected to other devices on the network, each device must have a Port Input / Output as much or more than n-1.
Based on the understanding, can be exemplified that when as many as five computers will be connected in a mesh topology, so to make connections between computers can function optimally, required cable connection 5 (5-1) / 2 which is 10 cable connections, and their each computer has a Port Input / Output as many or more than 5-1 which is 4 port. And if there are 8 computers will be connected in a mesh topology, the required cable connections by 8 (8-1) / 2 which is 28 cable connections, and each computer has a Port Input / Output as much or more than 8-1 which is 7.
With the form of such a relationship, Mesh topology has several advantages, that are:• Dedicated Relationship Links directly to ensure the data is sent to the destination computer without having to go through other computers so that they can more quickly because of the special relationship is used to communicate with the destination computer only (not used in a gang).• If an interruption in the connection of computer A with computer B because of damage to the cable connection between A and B, the disorder does not affect the connection of computer A to another computer.• Communication between two computers will not be accessible by other computers.  Facilitate the identification of problems in the event of damage to connections between computers.Nonetheless, Mesh topology has some drawbacks, that are:• Requires a lot of wiring and Port Input / Output on any device. More and more devices in the Mesh topology is needed more and more cable and Port Input / Output.• This type of topology requires very expensive.• Because each computer must be connected directly to another computer then the installation and configuration becomes more difficult.• The number of wires used also makes the need for space that allows to compose cable in the room where the computers are located.Based on the advantages and disadvantages, Mesh topology is usually used on the main computers where each main machine Formatting separate networks with different topologies.